EGS4LL is committed to making Lifelong Learning exciting, entertaining, enriching and very affordable. So, our school offers a very unique two-tiered pricing structure: $10/Class or $65/Term for all the classes that you want to take and can fit into your personal schedule.


Parking is abundant and free in the main lot of the church, and can be directly accessed from Watertown Plank Road.

Safety & Security

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all who enter our building are required to sign in and comply with the Public Health Safety Guidelines that are in effect at the time such as: face masks, social distancing, sanitation, etc.  Additionally, because other programs with children may be occurring, you will be given a name badge to wear while you are inside the building.

Gardening Ideas
Arts & Crafts
Cards & Games
Health & Fitness
Retirement Living
Estate Planning

​If you have a suggestion for a new and exciting class to offer, please let us know.

Classes will be held in our large multi-use Fellowship Hall room.

Wisconsin Stories
Historic Events
Current Issues
Nature’s Wonders
Scientific Discoveries
Evolving Technologies

Travel Adventures
Culinary Delights
Arts & Entertainment

Creative Writing
Literary Works
World Religions


Elm Grove School for Lifelong Learning (EGS4LL)  specializes in non-credit, Adult Enrichment Classes with no tests or grades! 

Classes are taught by Volunteers who are passionate about their subjects, and eager to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with other lifelong learners.

Summer and Fall Classes are usually scheduled to meet for 1-2 hours between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Over the years, our classes have dealt with many different, interesting topics, such as ---